How we started

It all started before World War I, in 1908, when 60 men joined resources to make wine in Jovac. After the Great War, the construction of the Jovac winery and the Grand cellar was completed in 1922. Soon after, the wine from Jovac was beeing enjoyed all over Europe. The wine stopped flowing out of Jovac winery in 1991. Jovac winery, the grand wine cellar and surrounding vineyards have been abanded for more then 3 decades. They are now proudly standing restored in their former glory. Now even more beautiful then ever. The wine that was once enjoyed on the European courts is being made in Jovac again. This time with the passion and vision of the new generation of young and proud winemakers.


In Jovac winery everyone agrees that great wine begins in the vineyard. Without exceptional grapes, the crafting of exceptional wine is impossible. That said, the people who do the crafting also play critical roles in bringing bottled bliss to our tables, porches and picnic baskets. Without passionate people, there is no great wine.


Our winemakers are crafting some of this generation’s best bottles by using modern twists on tradition.

Jovac Winery Statement

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste&soul.

Jovac Winery

Our Timeline


Winery and Cellar Built

Jovac winery and grand cellar with a capacity of 150 wagons was built immediately after World War I.



European fame

By this year, the wine from Jovac winery has been enjoyed all over Europe including the European courts by European Kings and Queens.



Winery and Vineyards Abandoned

Jovac winery and vineyards were destroyed and abandoned.


Jovac vineyards reborn, 2018.

Jovac winery and vineyards reborn

Jovac winery and the Grand Cellar reconstruction started. Most of the original construction has been preserved in the original state. The vineyard has been revitalised and planted with new vines.


First harvest, 2020.

First harvest

After three decades, grapes from Jovac vineyard have been harvested for the first time.


Jovac Grand Cellar, 2021.

Jovac winery reopened

Jovac winery, the grand wine cellar fully restored to their former glory are open for wine lovers.